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If you are diagnosed with Diabetes, you should read this carefully.

If you are diagnosed with a Diabetes, and are given Metformin or other medication for your diabetes to take for rest of your life, you should carefully read what I am about to say.

If you are diagnosed with this condition and do NOT want to take medication for rest of your life, you should grab a pen and a piece of paper to take notes.

You are about to hear some ground breaking, transformational knowledge which has helped hundreds of Diabetic patients successfully nationwide.

What if I told you that you may have been misdiagnosed, meaning there is another reason that is CAUSING your Type II Diabetes.

Majority of the patients that are diagnosed Diabetes have an underlying Auto-Immune disorder or a metabolic condition. That means that your own body’s immune system, which is supposed to keep you from getting sick, actually attacks your own tissue and makes you sick.

By identifying if you have an AI condition which most of us do and getting rid of our AI condition many of our patients get off insulin and reduce their Metformin levels. That is what we do. I am here to show you a way that you can lower your blood sugar. We do NOT change or eliminate your medication, your own PCP or doctor does as a result of our treatment.

See How Your Neighbors Feel About Our Customized Care Program:

Real Patient / Exhaustion and Pain

With back, knee, digestive, neck problems, this patient received care from MedWell, L.L.C. Spine, Osteoarthritis & Neuropathy Center and is now feeling great and more focused and nearing a pain free lifstyle.

Rose / Issues From Diabetes

After only 3 weeks of treatment at MedWell, L.L.C. Spine, Osteoarthritis & Neuropathy Center, this patient can has more energy and less pain


  • Every cell in your body has glucose receptors. When you have Glucose problem EVERY FUNCTION in your body gets affected or slows down. Brain function, gut function, Thyroid function, liver function, feeling fatigued, sleep problem, can’t loose weight …..

  • Two types:

    1. Diabetes Mellitus: Metabolic disease. PAUSE You can Not drug yourself out of metabolic disorder, you can not take enough Drugs to fix metabolism disorder. There is no drugs that work for metabolic disorder.This condition Prevents the body to make enough insulin. What insulin does it turns food into energy to think properly and energy for the day.The pancreas is an organ which makes insulin and turns glucose into energy. When you eat something, the glucose should get into the cells to be used as energy. If you do not have fuel the energy level diminish and that is why you feel the way you feel.How many drugs you should take to increase your energy or thinking capacity. NOTHING.

    2. Type II diabetes. #1 cause of blindness in the US. When is a good time to fix it Now or when you are blind. This is a serious problem.
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#1 cause of kidney failure
60-70% cause of peripheral neuropathy and amputations
60-70% cause of sexual dysfunction

This is a chronic condition associated with an AI condition. That means your immune system wants to fight a condition and it can not and as a result it is attacking your organs. Most commonly your:

  1. Pancreas
  2. Thyroid – How many of you have thyroid problem that you know of.
  3. Cerebellum – Coordination, thought process, balance, eye movement. How many of you start a sentence and you can not finish it because you forget? How many of you actually walk to a room and do not know how you got there? THAT IS A BRAIN PROBLEM.

Your brain consumes only 20% of glucose in your body. All extra turns your brain brown- refined suger is neurotoxin, brain poison and killing your brain.. Formaldehyde.

We need to find out if you have Autoimmune condition. In other words we need to find out that what in your body is not working properly which is causing your immune system to react and cause your symptoms.

Because your immune system is attacking your Pancreas and your doctor keeps giving you medication for your pancreas to do its job. It will NOT work to fix the problem. If it did, you would not had to take medication any more.

AI condition must get fixed for your body to respond to other care. AI conditions trumps every other condition.

We may be able to help your Diabetes naturally without medication. BUT I DO NOT WANT YOU TO GET ME WRONG. I AM NOT HERE TO TELL YOU TO STOP OR CHANGE YOUR MEDICATION.

Your immune system is trying to kill something for a while and that is why you have a fluctuating sugar.

TH1 or TH2

90% of Diabetec patients are autoimmune. Most of them have a hidden gut infection which was my case.

You can NOT drug yourself out of metabolic disorder or a AI condition, you can not take enough Drugs to fix metabolism disorder. There is no drugs that work for metabolic disorder.

All AI conditions are usually chronic and chronic conditions are caused by:

  1. Oxygen dysfunction: Oxygen is fuel for your brain and it is Extremely Imp. Brain does NOT store O2. Your Muscles do. Without O2 your cells in your body will not work properly.
  2. Neurological misfiring: If your Brain Physiologically does not work properly, your Hormone excretion will be off balanced.
  3. Metabolic imbalance: Bacteria Viral Infection

In some cases your immune system attacks your Adrenal gland. Adrenal Glands are on top of your kidneys. It produces cortisol. Cortisol attacks your Hypocampus and causes you not to be able to know how you got to a place.

Cortisol causes inability to sleep. Cortisol wraps in your pain fibers and keeps stimulating it.

Now if you take medication like Metformin (aka.Glucophage), that will not solve the problem and just masks your symptoms. The problem will not get fixed. We have to fix the source and not the symptoms.

Metformin could cause:


Do you know statistics shows that US has 5% of the population of the world but consumes 50% of drugs of the world?

What makes us different is that we help Diabetes metabolically and neurologically. WHY??

Because we do not label you with ‘’ Diabetes ” and give you medication. There is a reason that your pancreas is not FUNCTIONING properly and most of the times the reason is not the Pancreas.

There is a good chance that your doctor is treating the symptoms that you are having and not fixing you. Why I say that? Its because most Diabetic sufferers are prescribed medications that they need to take for their entire life. In this office our goal is to fix you and not your symptom.

You have these symptoms because you are a sick person and have a sick body.

Your sick body is making your symptoms. Your symptoms do not make your body sick.

This is an eye opening class. We do life changing care in 6 months.

I want you to ask this question from yourself: If I continue doing what I have been doing, or I am currently doing, will I be, better same or worse the next year or so?

Most likely the answer is no. If your current treatment would be for fixing your body, you would have been fixed by now.

The reason no one has fixed you, is because no one wants to fix your body, they want to fix your symptoms.

I have seen patients who were on 7 medications. They completed this treatment program and they do NOT take ANY more medication:


So ask yourself this:

  • How is your Diabetes condition is affecting you with your job, finances, relationships, family and other activities?
  • What is it costing you in terms of Time, Money happiness and sleep Not to get the treatment.
  • Where do you picture yourself a year from now. Three years from now. Five years from now if you do not take care of this.
  • What is it costing you NOT to be able to do what you want to do.

If you are serious to correct it, you need to contact our office.

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